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Manneken Pis Surprise Drink Decanter

Masterpiece01 How drunk do you have to be before this becomes the funniest thing ever?  There are many fountains that duplicate Manneken Pis, the famous statue of the whizzing boy in Brussels, but who thought to use it as a drink dispenser?

In this case, the plastic replica has an electric pump siphoning booze from the glass bottle and out though his... well, you know.  From the box (styled to look like a box that wine comes in [no, not the kind of wine you DRINK out of the box!] ), I'd say that he comes from the 60's.  However, I found some pretty recent batteries inside meaning that someone tried to relive the hilarity not that long ago.

We shouldn't be surprised that this guy exists.  The original Manneken Pis statue dates back to 1142 (making him Brussels' oldest citizen), and continues to attract tourists today.  As we all know, where there are tourists, there are souvenirs - and an even larger quantity of tacky souvenirs.  The little whizzing boy has been realized as miniature statues, corkscrews (yeesh), and yes - even drink decanters.Masterpiece02b

The original statue is dressed in various costumes throughout the year, and the changing of these outfits is accompanied by much ceremony and the temporary turning off of the fountain.  The temporary increase in pressure gives the young master a boost when turned back on, spraying delighted tourists.  Seriously, people line up for this event!

It might seem weird to us to celebrate the visage of a boy and his wee, and it does point out an important cultural difference.  Here in the USA a statue like this would be controvertial, some would even label it obscene.  Definitely not the sort of thing that would be commended with novelty drink decanters.  Having said that, and even though I like to think of myself as an enlightened person, I don't think that I'll be drinking out of it.  After all, he's well under age to be serving drinks.

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