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Whimsical Whizzer Motorbikes


This is one occasion where the word 'motorbike' literally means 'bicycle with a motor attached.' The original Whizzer bicycle motor was released in 1939 at a price of $54.95. By 1948, Whizzer had managed to sell more than 150,000 bolt-on units. They introduced the Pacemaker -- billed as the 'only complete motorbike' -- for $199.50 in June of 1948. The company's last engine design was released in 1952 before they morphed into Whizzer Industries, Inc. and diversified into toys, windows and sliding doors. To their credit, the factory continued to offer parts for the old bikes until 1965.

The Whizzer name was revived in 1998 and Whizzer USA Inc. began to offer a new range of retro-style motorbikes. As with many products, the modern version is manufactured in Taiwan. Their latest model is the Whizzer NE5. It's available in a 26 or 24-inch frame and sports a 1.95 HP 138cc 4-stroke engine. The stock model is capable of reaching speeds of 25 mph, although they're capable of much more than that with a bit of tweaking.

The company claims their bikes can be registered and insured as mopeds in many jurisdictions, but I'd check with the authorities before purchasing -- mopeds in my little corner of North America are restricted to a maximum engine displacement of 49cc. The Whizzer site doesn't list prices, but the NE5 with centrifugal clutch has been spotted for around $1595 on the web.

Whizzer NE5 Product Specifications


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