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Wild West Toybox


Believe it or not, I'm not much of a cowboy.  But I can appreciate havin' a purdy box to stow yer gear in after a long day o' ridin' and ropin'.

Okay - I promise that I'll stop writing with a Western drawl.

Anyway, I got this from a friend of mine who gave me his parent's wild west themed furniture living room set from the 50's.  The pieces are brilliant - finials on top of lamps are bullets, there are horse heads stitched into the leather, and the armrests are wagon wheels!  It's not that kitsch furniture from the 50's is a big revelation, but what is amazing is that it's of such high quality.

The furniture set is in storage right now, but the toy box remains useful to be even today.  You might  expect a toy box to be made of cheap plywood & particle board, but this baby is solid oak!  The rest of the wild west furniture I mentioned is also of sturdy caliber.  It's sad to think that, at least in this case, the fad furniture of yesterday has much superior workmanship than a lot of contemporary stuff.

I also feel a bit nostalgic for the time when I could actually fit all of my toys into a single box!


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