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REVIEW: Stikfas Action Figure Kits


It's seldom that a toy appears today that isn't a movie tie-in or geared up with some new technology.  Imagine how interesting a simple 3 inch tall articulated figure has to be to get the attention of the entire toy industry. In 2003, Stikfas figures won the coveted "Best Original Concept" award from Wizard's Toyfare (the leading magazine of the toy industry). It was the first time in years that the award was given to a non-electronic toy. That makes sense: these figures are really fun and became an instant classic.

Stikfas kits come in several sizes; Lite Packs include a figure and some accessories, while Mega Packs can even include vehicles. Once assembled, the figures cut an atmospheric silhouette of characters not often depicted in children's toys. These two kits are among the latest batch of Stikfas, a Viking and an Egyptian.


Assembly is a little like building a model kit - you snip the pieces out of the sprues, then snap everything together . Each figure is about three inches tall, and all parts are interchangeable with other Stikfas kits.


The Egyptian kit includes several different heads, headgear, and an array of weapons.The Viking is a much broader chested figure, also geared up with weapons, helmets - even a beard, flagon and a massive turkey leg with a bite taken out of it!

All Stikfas include a sheet of STIKers to customize your creation, many with a wry bent. There are several faces to choose from, crests for sheilds, extra details for the legs and arms, and the most important thing for any Stikfas warrior - bandages.

There is a vast online community dedicated to Stikfas and many owners customize them to represent other characters. Stikfas are well suited for stop-motion animation, thanks to their infinite poseability.

Stik_spruesAs with any classic toy, Stikfas appeal to a wide age range, but you will likely want to help little children with  assembly. There are a lot of small parts that benefit from a bit of trimming with a hobby knife which, if nothing else, could try a little one's patience.

The smaller people in your house can join the Stikfas army via the new Cuboyd product line. These cubeish figures are articulated just like larger Stikfas figures, but come fully assembled.

KooboydsInside each box is a randomly colored creature and a sheet of STIKers. Both Stikfas and Cuboyds can take on amazingly lifelike poses, although you may become disillusioned with the arthritic rigidity of the rest of your figures!

It's great to discover that a solid classic toy concept can still thrive in today's digital realm. The hardest part of collecting these little guys is finding retailers who carry the cultish Stikfas, so we've added a handful of the little critters to the Retro Thing store.


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