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Shoot-a-Loop: fun with marbles and tin


There's something refreshing about toys that don't require batteries, especially when they have a certain retro mystique. Rocket USA was founded near Chicago in 1997 to produce affordable tin toys. Many of their products are licensed classics from the heydays of mechanical amusements, although they also offer an array of Futurama and and Bozo the Clown merchandise.

Shootaloop2 My favorite Rocket USA game is Shoot-a-Loop. It was a popular game in the 1930s and requires you to master a deceptively simple looking 9-inch tall marble track. Just flex back the marble launcher and blast your projectile through the roller coaster-like loop. With a bit of practice you'll be able to land shots in the scoring tray on a fairly regular basis. There's no plastic here - the loop and base are crafted entirely from tin (geez... what a world we live in where I find myself talking up tin as a quality material). Includes three marbles and instructions.

Shoot-a-Loop tin game [Lee Valley]


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