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Sugar Shack Souvenir Glasses


A while back we wrote about some girlie barware - drinking glasses with a risque surprise when you spun them around.  In the interest of equal time, we thought we'd feature some glasses with all the surprises up front.  These glasses are souvenirs from the Sugar Shack in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

The Sugar Shack departed from the accepted meaning of "gentleman's club", using the term "gentleman" to refer to to the featured fellows performing on stage for the female clientele.  These souvenir glasses date to somewhere in the 70's or 80's, and are rather giant - the ladies hanging out at the Shack could clearly put it away.

Sugarshacktrio_1I got these glasses years ago at the thrift for pennies a piece, and I still see them for sale from time to time.  The Sugar Shack must have sold a lot of these back in the day for them to still litter Chicago thrift stores 20 years later.

I was surprised to find that the club still exists.  Their website tells the club's origin as a typical American rags to riches story.  Their all-male revue's first male dancer in the 1970's was one of Liberace's bodyguards: Larry Slade.  And to think that I don't have a joke to go here...

You can't take home the dancers, but at least you can have a souvenir glass with a grainy photo of the brokeback cowboy, leatherguy, or Sigfried & Roy wannabes that gave you their all on your special night.

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