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Could three wheels be better than two or four?

Piaggio MP3

I spent the day at a motorcycle show. As a retro fanatic, I'm always a bit torn at these events. Should I spend my time on the classics concourse or venture out to see brilliant new models from the likes of BMW, Aprillia and Vespa? I did a bit of both.

From a retro perspective, the Russian sidecar-equipped Ural lineup seems to be selling well. Their factory reps tell me that they've been riding a wave of renewed interest in 3-wheeled biking. In fact, they commented that their Wolf 2-wheeler might be destined for the scrap-heap as the company focuses exclusively on their sidecar-equipped models.

And since we're talking about three wheelers, one of the bikes that seemed to be generating the biggest buzz wasn't a bike at all. It was the MP3 - the world's first three-wheeled scooter. It's manufactured by Vespa's parent company Piaggio and seems destined to turn the urban transportation world upside-down. The company claims that having two wheels at the front leads to improved cornering, braking and road grip. Follow the jump for video of the MP3 in action...

The Piaggio MP3 is available in 125cc and 250cc versions. But is it better than a traditional scoot?


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