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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Food Giant Unilever Takes Marmite Into Uncharted Territory

Guinness marmite
I admit an almost unhealthy love of both Guinness beer and Marmite yeast spread. I know it's probably the result of a horrible genetic mutation, but humour me anyway. The drunkards at Guinness have teamed up with the industrial food elves at Unilever to brew up a memorable batch of limited edition Guinness Marmite, featuring 30% Guinness yeast extract. The result is apparently less salty than Marmite and less hangovery than gallons of grog. Only 300,000 limited edition jars will be foisted on an unsuspecting British public sold at around £2.49 each. Alas, it's alcohol free. I look forward to the eventual release of Heinz Baked Bean Marmite with giddy anticipation.

[via Giles "there's Marmite in my veins" Perkins at onSuper8.org]


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