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Pclix LT100 Time-lapse Photography Controller


One of my favorite things about shooting Super 8 movies is that many S8 cameras include time-lapse controls so you can snap single frames with a variable delay. This lets you film "moving cloud" effects and accelerate other scenes at your whim and fancy.

The $139.95 Pclix LT100 makes it possible to add similar capabilities to a variety of modern digital cameras (it will also work with Super 8 movie cameras and film cameras equipped with an electrical 'contact' shutter release). In essence, photographers now have the ability to shoot incredibly high quality time-lapse movies using the full resolution of their modern DSLR cameras. The LT100 is an elegantly simple device that can run for a month straight on a single pair of alkaline AAA batteries. It offers 99 interval settings (ten of these can be user customized) and a bright red Instant Fire button.

A variety of control cables are available, starting at $12.95 for a generic contact switch closure cable and ranging up to $39.95 for a Canon N-3 infrared controller (which also allows the Pclix to function as a wireless remote control).

More about the Pclix LT100 time-lapse controller


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