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Pico-Sized Embedded PC: Case Modders and Device Benders Rejoice!

Pico itx

Crikey, this thing is small.

What you're gazing at is, of course, the king of hearts tucked underneath Via's new Pico-ITX form factor PC motherboard. This fully-functional machine measures a mere 10 x 7.2cm (3.94 x 2.84 inches). The 'secret sauce' that makes it all possible is the VIA VX700 System Media Processor, which integrates a C7 processor with Unichrome video, HD audio, up to 4GB DDR2 memory and SATA II and IDE drive support. It also offers six USB 2.0 ports and hardware MPEG-2/4/WMV9 acceleration.

In other words, this is a device bender's dream come true. It's now possible to build a fully-functional PC into a vintage coffee can, classic toaster, tiny portable TV or even a re-purposed tabletop tube radio. And -- if you haven't already guessed -- I'm tingling with excitement to see what sort of magic people manage to pull off with this board and dead vintage tech.

VIA Pico-ITX Motherboard


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