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Print Your Own Super 8 Movies

Super8 film made with inkjet printer- Test one on Vimeo

Jesse England prints Super 8 movies with an ink jet printer and transparency sheets. The process imparts an otherworldly look to even the most mundane footage, although each strip must be hand cut (including each teeny-tiny film sprocket hole) and spliced together for projection.

Printingfilmnarrow He explains the process: "The first step was to obtain the correct dimensions of Super 8 film, make a template, and arrange video frames onto the Super 8 template. To avoid the laborious task of cutting and pasting hundreds of frames of video, it was converted into the "filmstrip" format using Adobe Premier. In Photoshop, the aptly-named filmstrip was cut and pasted onto the template.

Once properly arranged, this template was printed out onto transparency film. The sprocket holes were cut out with a box cutter, and the 8mm wide strips of film were cut out with scissors. Finally, they are spliced together in the bias fashion with adhesive tape."

Read More About the England Film Process [via this filmshooting.com thread]

Make Your Own Photographic Emulsion


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