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Classic Video Arcade Games JAMMA-In-A-Box


If you want to play your favorite classic video games without emulation, you'd have to buy the actual arcade cabinet with all of the original hardware.  A fervent dream for many of us, but really impractical for nearly as many.  Don't lose hope - I've learned that there is a vein of video game enthusiasts that collect the actual motherboards from arcade cabinets and play their favorite games using the original hardware.

JAMMA was an arcade motherboard standard from the mid 80's through the 90's.  By standardizing the hardware, an arcade owner could simply swap out motherboards and apply new graphics to the cabinet.  No more hauling around refrigerator-sized particleboard furniture.

Arcade In A Box offers JAMMA In A Box - a set of real arcade controllers with hookups for a JAMMA board inside, and video outputs to hook up to any television.  You can pick up original JAMMA boards on Ebay starting at around $40, install it in the JAMMA-In-A-Box, and play games on your TV at home.  This isn't emulation, this is 100% the arcade hardware experience.

Jamma_boardI don't have a JAMMA-In A Box here to test out, but from online reviews it's sounds like an easy route to authentic play of your favorite arcade games.  Ed Farias, owner of Arcade In a Box, is a reader of Retro Thing.  He's offering our readers a $50 discount (we're not getting any money from this deal BTW - just passing the offer on to you...) if you order Jamma In A Box by the end of May.  All you have to do is use the discount code "RETROTHING".

Game on, mama JAMMA.  ;)

Manufacturers page on JAMMA-In-A-Box

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