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DIY: Atari 2600 Joystick TV Remote

Atari 2600 remote

The Atari 2600 joystick is my favourite video game controller of all time. The spartan design demands a simple gaming interface (only one button, after all) and the rubber coated stick can take considerable abuse before giving one last creaky groan and snapping.

So, it caused great excitement at Retro Thing when Alan at Hacked Gadgets gave us a shout about his DIY guide to building this unique retro remote. Alan explains, "I wanted a simple remote that could be used to easily control the volume and mute the TV when the phone rings. I have replaced all of my remotes with a single Harmony 880 control which works great, but I wanted something a bit more cool to compliment it. Building the retro remote was fun and simple since the mini remote that I used was very easy to hack."

Build an Atari 2600 Joystick TV Remote Control


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