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Bigfoot: A Protected Species in Canada?


Canadian Member of Parliament Mike Lake is seeking to add another creature to the Species At Risk act.  The Act already protects Red Mulberry trees, blue whales, and the Whooping Crane, and M.P. Lake is working to add one more to the list: Bigfoot. 

For years, tales of the hairy-backed man-beast have abounded, especially in the pacific northwest and western Canada.  Lake and his supporters argue that the issue isn’t whether Bigfoot exists or not, but that the creature’s legendary scarcity merits its addition to the list of protected and rare species.

Lake has presented Parliament with a petition signed by nearly 500 of his constituents in Alberta, Canada.  The petition calls on “the House of Commons to establish immediate, comprehensive legislation to affect immediate protection of Bigfoot."

While most scientists dismiss Bigfoot sightings as either folklore or hoax, researcher Todd Standing claims to have proof of the creature’s existence.  As a supporter for the petition, he is concerned for the safety of the beast.  He told Global National Television News  "When I get species protection for them nationwide, I will make my findings public and I will take this out of the realm of mythology. Bigfoot is real."

So whether you're a Yukon-bound Yeti, or a Sasquatch from Saskatchewan, you can rest easy that Canadian lawmakers have got your hairy back.

Endangered Species Protection Sought for Bigfoot


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