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Last Chance to Own My Favorite PDA

Handspring Treo 90
The Handspring Treo 90 is my favorite "vintage" PDA. It has been out of production since 2003, but I just stumbled across a shipment of "new old stock" units at XScargo, priced at a very reasonable $69.99.

The Treo 90 was the least expensive member of the original Treo family. It doesn't include wireless browser or phone capabilities to keep cost (and size) to a minimum. I find the lack of wireless networking isn't a big deal at all -- it keeps me from getting distracted when I'm writing or taking notes. It also makes the unit really lightweight -- the Treo 90 weighs 114 grams, 25% less than a modern Treo 680.

I first mentioned my affection for this little machine several years ago and remarked, "Strangely enough, it is close to the ideal PDA. The Treo 90 is compact, includes the WordSmith word processor, a reasonable 16MB of memory, offline browsing and email, and a rechargeable battery."

Maybe it's time that I picked up a spare...

The Treo 90 product page at XScargo


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