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Atari 2600 Games We'd Like To See


There's a long standing rule of thumb among video game enthusiasts; that movie tie-in games tend to generate a tremendous suckage field i.e. they're rather bad  In fact, an early movie property based game is blamed for downing the entire video game industry - Atari's infamous E.T.  I can partially understand why the movie-based games suffer.  They are often rushed out the door (in the case of E.T.) to be finished in time for the movie's premiere. Or perhaps games don't capture the cinema experience that well?

Even today when you can have clips from the actual movie integrated into the game, the gameplay doesn't  seem to stand up to close scrutiny.  Is it that movies are a linear story-telling experience, while current games are more of an evolving exploratory experience?  Perhaps the two media are divergent enough that getting the mix right is just hard.

Nevertheless "Atariboy2600" has created some brilliant and authentic-looking label art for classic 1970's games that never existed.  Below I've linked to the rest of the images over at the friendly confines of the Atari Age forum.  Seeing so many 70's films depicted as Atari 2600 cartridge labels will make you wonder how many of these ideas were actually discussed by Atari at some point.


Visit Atari Age to see MORE of these labels


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