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Past Presidents Immortalized As Avon Aftershave


It's Independence Day as I write this, and here in the USA we have a lot of oddball ways of celebrating the history of our country.  In the last few years, USA kitsch has been coming on like gangbusters.  Before that it took an event like the Bicentennial to bring on the bushels of tributes to Americana.

These 7 inch busts are of presidents, and uh... Ben Franklin (the only President of the United States that's never been President of the United States...).  You twist their heads off and then dribble on some Wild Country aftershave and pretend that you smell better.

AftershaveopenDating back to 1977, the aftershave in the heads of these presidents still smells pretty good.  I don't know how much of the original essence has evaporated, but I could see still using this sweet smelling stuff after one of my typical abortive attempts at shaving. 

Avon missed the boat though.  It would be better if the different presidents had cologne that matched their character.  Washington could be cherry blossoms (remember the cherry tree?  Not too manly tho...), Roosevelt would be some sort of musky smell to honor the teddy bear incident, and Jefferson could perhaps smell of Mulberries (I'll let you look that one up yourselves...) or maybe capture the aroma of a nice pile of shiny nickels.

I'm not sure what Ben Franklin's signature scent could be, but let's remember he did write a book entitled "Fart Proudly" - so perhaps it's not that hard to imagine.  God Bless America.

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