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EVT Introduces 45mph Retro-Styled Electric Motorcycle

EVT R-20

We've been waiting for EVT America to introduce their high performance Z-20 electric scooter since September 2005. For several years it appeared that the manufacturer of the popular EVT-4000e had bitten off more than they could chew during the development of an affordable electric moped capable of hitting 45 mph (72 km/h).

The wait is over, and EVT surprised everyone by unveiling three variations of the machine. I think this was a rather serious marketing blunder. There's nothing significant to differentiate the Z-20A and Z-20B models. They're mechanically identical and feature bland modern styling typical to dozens of low-cost Chinese scooter designs.

By far the most interesting model is the retro-inspired R-20 Electric Motorcycle. $1999 gets you a little urban runabout that can travel 30 to 45 Miles (48 to 72 km) on a charge. It's powered by a 2500 Watt brushless 60V motor (significantly more powerful than the 1500W model in the original EVT-4000e). The R-20 meets DOT requirements and includes the required paperwork and VIN for registration in the United States. It should also meet Canadian laws, but check with your local authorities before purchasing.

EVT R-20 Electric Motorcycle


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