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Piaggio Releases The Vespa S in 50c and 125cc Versions

Vespa S

Two new classically styled scooters have been added to the Vespa lineup after being announced at last fall's EICMA Show. The Vespa S successfully echoes the style of vintage small frame Vespas, while providing all the benefits of modern technology.

illnoise at 2StrokeBuzz offers some perceptive analysis: "Most obvious is the legshield, which discards the plastic insert of the LX, returning to a more traditional shape and contour than any scooter since the PK series. The Corsa-style seat looks as magically uncomfortable as the original. Details like the fender and tailight add to the impression that the Vespa smallframe is back, although for some reason, of all the great smallframe models to choose from, they gave it the horncasting and square headlight of a Vespa 50 Special."

There's no word yet about North American availability and price, although I'm sure it'll be several thousand dollars more than I have in my piggy bank.

Nuova Vespa S
[Auto-translated Italian, via 2StrokeBuzz]


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