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Anyone Looking For A 'New' Commodore LED Watch?

CBM watch

Swedish retro watch site Retro World is selling a new old stock Commodore wristwatch that promises to become the jewel of someone's geeky timepiece collection. It, uh, shows the time when you press a button. Apart from that, you should be able to squeeze a few minutes of excitement out of opening and closing the clasp on the stainless steel strap. Oh, and it will display the date.

All this vintage excitement will set you back 2550 SEK (approximately $340) and includes the original plastic display case. They also have a collection of spare watch modules and parts, should you accidentally maim your new pride and joy. It's only a matter of time before someone attempts to strap a Commodore 64 to their wrist alongside a miniature TV. In fact, that someone might be me. Hang on while I hunt for the duct tape...

Commodore LED Watch [via retrotogo]


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