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DIY: Homebuilt Opaque Projector

Opaque projector
Steve at Finkbuilt is at it again. He has followed up his wickedly cool Retrovision 2000 TV unit with the classically styled BelAir opaque projector. It's powered by a pair of 23 watt fluorescent bulbs and looks like a great tool to project an image onto a wall or canvas - perfect for creating posters or small murals.

Steve concludes, "I’m pretty happy with it. I didn’t spend too much building it - less than I would have spent on a low-end commercial unit, which can typically only handle copy under 6 inches in size. The projector works great. The copier lens can take in really big copy. The BelAir handles 9 1/2 x 12 inch originals, looks cool, and was fun to make." He has even grander plans: "If I can find a cheap portable DVD player with an LCD monitor, I want to make this into a movie projector."

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