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Improved Gamepark GP2X Portable Console: Still plays thousands of vintage games

Handheld gaming is where it's at. The Nintendo DS outsells all other gaming consoles, and it's easy to see why: excellent games, a reasonable price and extreme portability.

But not everyone wants the newest commercial games - some just want a top-notch portable platform that can emulate classic consoles and play modern hombrews. The Gamepark GP2X is your answer.

We've mentioned this little Linux-based handheld in the past, and Gamepark just announced an eagerly awaited update. The new GP2X F-200 sports a brand new touchscreen interface and a much improved 8-way digital control pad to replace the annoying little control knob on the previous model. Apart from that, the big difference is the bright white case. Like its older siblings, it runs a portable version of the MAME arcade emulator that gives you access to thousands of vintage games. It'll also play a multitude of video formats.

It's scheduled to arrive in October, no word yet on price.

GP2X F-200 Game System by Gamepark Holding [via Gizmodo]


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