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Ion Introduces the Tape2PC USB Cassette Deck

Ion Tape2PC
At first glance, the Tape2PC cassette deck seems like a brilliant idea. It's a dual-dubbing deck that offers USB playback so you can digitize your vast collection of Flock of Seagulls and Smiths tapes once and for all. The unit comes bundled with Audacity and MixMeister's EZ Tape Converter, which will rip your audio files straight to iTunes. It also features a Metal / CrO2 selector and word is that it'll retail for around $200.

It's the sort of quirky pseudo-retro product that gets brief attention from the tech blogging community, only to vanish from the pages of the SkyMall and Hammacher Schlemmer catalogs after the holiday selling season. From an environmental and financial perspective, it makes more sense to pick up a respectable vintage deck with Dolby B / C noise reduction (which seems to be absent on the Tape2PC) at a local garage sale.

A used deck would probably cost less than FedEXing the Tape2PC to your house and you get to repurpose one of the millions of decks sitting unused in living rooms around the world. After all, it's duck soup simple to plug the stereo output of an old deck directly into your computer's audio line input. Only then will you realize just how strange your musical taste was in 1982. Assuming you existed in 1982, that is.

Tape2PC USB Cassette Archiver
[via Engadget]


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