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Limited Edition CreatiVision Multicart V1.0


Francesco from the Italian GAMERS magazine recently let us know about Italian retrogame guru Madrigal,  who created the very first Nintendo Game & Watch simulator a few years ago. He's back with the first (and only) multi game cartridge for the 1980s Vtech CreatiVision console.

The CreatiVision was a 6502-based hybrid video game/computer console introduced in 1981. It was mainly distributed in Europe, although a somewhat rare NTSC version made its way to North America. The machine's specifications were quite respectable for the day: 256 x 192 pixel resolution with 16 colors and 32 sprites, 3 channel sound, and a pair of joystick/membrane pad controllers. There was even a rubber keyboard (shown above) that worked in conjunction with a BASIC programming cartridge and cassette interface to turn the system into a full-fledged home computer.

A limited edition of 100 multicarts will be produced, retailing for a quite reasonable $57.95 / €42.95. The package includes a deluxe full color box with internal cartridge holder and a 12 page booklet with instructions for each of the games. The 8 megabit EPROM includes 25 games (and three versions of BASIC), chosen with an onboard 5-way DIP selector switch. It even comes with 6 cardboard joystick overlays. All in all, this looks like a truly polished homebrew effort.

CreatiVision Multicart V1.0 [gamersweb.it]
Multicart order page


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