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Steamsounds: The Unmistakable Magic of Steam Trains


There is nothing like an old mechanical machine. They were often incredibly over-engineered and beautifully ornamented to ensure reliable and eye-pleasing service for decades to come. Take a look at a classic typewriter to see what I mean. For many enthusiasts, the ultimate classic machine is the steam locomotive. There's something about the noise, smell and sight of a magnificent engine that makes the hairs on the back of one's neck stand up.

It's getting hard to find a genuine running engine in many parts of the world, but the Steam Sounds UK website has captured over 400 mp3 recordings of these amazing contraptions running throughout the United Kingdom. A collection of 14 audio CDs is also available, featuring an assortment of recordings made on UK main lines and standard and narrow gauge preserved railways. They're a mere £4.50 ($9) each including UK postage (international deliveries cost slightly more).

Check out the site's latest recordings, featuring an engine on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, the Scarborough Spa Express, and a Railway Touring Company charter train featuring an ex-LMS 5 4-6-0. Beautiful stuff.

Steamsounds - UK steam train sound recordings


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