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eBay: Original Atari Pong Arcade Console

Atari Pong

Here's a chance to bid on a piece of video gaming history - an original Pong arcade machine from 1973. The machine is labelled 'engineered by syzygy,' which was Nolan Bushnell's first choice for a company name. Luckily, it was taken(!) and he had to settle on Atari instead.

After trying out the Magnavox Odyssey in early 1972, Bushnell set about building his own version of electronic ping-pong and named it Pong, after the sound the ball makes when hitting the table. It was a runaway success. Magnavox quickly claimed that Atari had infringed on their ball-and-paddle gameplay and sued. The case was eventually dropped when Bushnell agreed to pay royalties on each Pong unit sold. Almost 40,000 Pong coin-operated games were manufactured, making it the first smash hit arcade video console.

eBay: Original Atari Pong Console


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