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Thodio: Exquisite Wooden iPod Docks

Thodio iBox

There are countless iPod docks on the market, but few are as carefully crafted as the Thodio iBox lineup from Amsterdam. Thomas Spaans tells me that he created his first classically styled iBox in the summer of 2005. Each case is handcrafted from 15 mm beech, oak, teak, zebrano or mahogany. They contain a 2 x 25 Watt solid state amplifier and a pair of Focal Polyglass 100CV1 full range speakers.

One thing that bothers me about many docking systems is that they tether you to the wall with an awkward AC adapter. Thankfully, the iBox does away with wires by incorporating a built-in rechargeable 15 hour battery pack that enables you to take the unit beyond the four walls of your home. You'll be the life of the party during power outages, too. There's even a 149 euro Bluetooth option for completely wireless operation.

Prices start at 359 euros for a painted MDF version and range up to 549 euros for a deluxe finish with 7 layers of scratch-proof gloss finish and UV protection.

Visit thodio for more iBox information


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