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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Westinghouse Portable TV Mystery


The first affordable LCD TV I saw a few years back bore the brand "Westinghouse".  I thought it odd as I associated Westinghouse with dishwashers and refrigerators.  My thinking was that Westinghouse was yet another brand heritage that was simply being slapped onto any old appliance.  Finding this portable Westinghouse TV reminded me that they go way back to the earliest days of television.  The company today is massive with many divisions - including CBS TV (though the question of whom actually owns the company is still a bit of a mystery) .

WestinghousetvadjI wish that this old boy worked.  The TV is all steel... electrically conductive steel... hmm.  It's a 13" set, but it may be as heavy as my 32" TV.  OK, not really, but you'd better be ready when you grab onto that chromed handle.  It's got the usual controls for adjusting the picture (including one knob marked "quieting" - any ideas?), gold and ivory toned channel selector, and rabbit ear antennas that could kill a guy.

WestinghousetvbackcoverpI can't tell you what model number this TV is.  The paper label on the back (pasted over the text warning against trying to change out the tubes!) is pretty worn.  All I can make out is "H-1-...", so I haven't been able to look this up on the net to see what anyone has to say about it.  There's also a quarter inch jack on the back that looks a little homebrewed,  Braver men than me have been inside the TV!

WestinghousetvknobsEven though this television is non-functional (as far as I can tell - the power cord rotted off ages ago!), I have to admire the car-like styling - chrome and turquoise deliciousness.  I wish that I knew the year (I'm guessing around the 60's?) so we could compare its size to other TV's of the time.  Instead of repairing the TV set, these days it would be easiest to just fit an LCD display in the front bezel and put a DVD player, tuner card, and PC motherboard inside with room to spare.  Anyone know how to force an LCD screen to just show black & white?


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