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Kalart Movie Editor In Bright Red

The professional video world is excited about the development of the RED Camera - a film resolution digital video camera.  Lots of mystery surrounds the device, even after prototypes were unveiled.  My disappointment?   The actual camera isn't red.

Karlartbox There are lots of practical reasons to not have a bright red video camera (think of all the charging bulls it might attract!), but that doesn't mean that your editing equipment can't be!  Let's look back some 50 years to Kalart's 8mm film editor - in bright red plastic!  This is pretty daring - remember that photo equipment was almost always in serious  gun-metal finishes, or dour black.  What a great way to perk up the drudgery of editing your home movies!

KalartcrankThe box promises that through editing you can transform your own films into polished "movieland" type productions with this simple device.  The Kalart even goes so far as to simplify advancing and rewinding the film by just using one crank.  Using a complicated internal mechanism, you use a single crank to move the film forwards and backwards.  To be honest, I find the single crank thing more confusing than anything - and the gimmickry that makes it work isn't always the most reliable.

So while the rest of the world waits for the RED camera to hit in a big way, I hope that some enterprising manufacturers of editing equipment are standing by with the red paint.


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