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Your Very Own Life-Size Cylon Centurion


You might recognize Fred Barton as the guy behind the brilliant reproductions of Forbidden Planet's "Robby The Robot" and "B-9" from Lost In Space.

It turns out his crew has been busy building an army of life-sized Cylons, including a platoon of chrome Centurions from the original series, along with the much deadlier looking matte 'Toasters' from the re-imagined series. The modern 7-foot tall Centurions are created using the actual CG files from the television series, ensuring that they're the most realistic robotic overloards you're likely to encounter this side of Caprica.

The vintage 'chrome disco toaster' replica is based upon one of the Cylon costumes that appeared on-screen with Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch almost 30 years ago. It measures a mere 6 ft tall (I guess the new Centurions get more vitamins) and is coated with a "new space-age chromium finish that does this classic warrior justice. Gone is the 70's disco look of cheap ultra-reflective plating and thin vacuum-formed armor pieces hooked and looped to a guy wearing faded ribbed tights."

The site doesn't list prices, but expect your very own Cylon to cost a pretty penny. For  comparison, the company offers a fiberglass reproduction of Maria from Metropolis for $7,500.

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