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Loreo Point-and-Shoot 3D Photography Kits


It would be wonderful if 3D technology reached the mainstream one day, but it always seems to be "just around the corner."

LOREO 3D camera & viewerStereoscopic imaging requires two simultaneous images taken a few inches apart to give the illusion of depth. It can be a complicated process that requires beam splitters or dual cameras. And there's always the question of what to do with the final result - the two images have to be blended using an awkward viewer or goofy glasses. Still, even with all the limitations there's no denying that 3D photography is incredibly cool.

The $120 Loreo 3D Photokit Mark II brings 3D experimentation within reach of nearly everyone. It includes a point & shoot 35mm camera that uses two glass mirror reflectors and a fixed focus 28mm aspheric lens. It has a 2 setting lens aperture (f/18 in daylight, f/11 with flash) and 1/60 shutter speed. There's a built-in flash powered by 2AA batteries for indoor shots, too.

The film can be processed at any one-hour photo lab (assuming there still any to be found in your neighborhood). You'll need Loreo's slightly dorky Deluxe 3D viewer or the somewhat sexier Loreo Lite 3D viewer which can be used to view digitized versions of your pics in addition to paper prints.

Loreo 3D Photokit Mark II product page

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