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2007 Rondo Awards: Monster Movies & More


The Rondo Awards started in 2002 and honor the achievements in classic horror movies, as well as efforts in the genre today.  You'll find entires for best DVD restoration, best classic fan mag, best model or collectible, a and more.  You can be part of deciding the outcome as the Rondo Awards are bestowed by fans.  Just check out rondoaward.com to get your entries in.

Avatar_mesven Besides some of the classic film restorations, the other category I'm interested in is "horror host".  Retro Thing readers probably know that I'm a longtime fan of Svengoolie here in Chicago.  Any year would be a good year to tip one's hat to the work of Sven and his team, but what made 2007 the return of the classic Universal monster movies back to the Svengoolie airwaves.  Inspired by the standard-bearers of scary flicks, Sven's parody songs and comedy bits have all come together to become some of Sven's best shows ever.

Reading the list of nominees is a good reminder of some of the genre films that were re-released on DVD in 2007.  There's the campy DeLaurentis version of Flash Gordon, the "ultimate edition" of 1923's silent Hunchback of Notre Dame, and even a series I loved as a kid - Monster Squad.

Remember that anyone who's a monster buff (and really, who isn't?) can send in their nominations, but get typing.  The drawbridge goes up at midnight (muhahahahah!) on March 8th.

Submit your nominations to The Rondo Award


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