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Ariel Atom 500: Zero to Bugsplat in Mere Moments

Ariel Atom 500

Jeremy Clarkson's jowl-slapping spin around the Top Gear test track introduced millions of car enthusiasts to the wonders of the original Ariel Atom. The company markets their cars with the slogan "No Doors. No Screen. No Roof." Don't even bother to ask silly questions about options - there aren't any. No stereo, no climate control system, and definitely no map light. All you get is pure, unadulterated performance.

It looks like the handful of crazed souls at Britain's smallest automaker have been busy concocting their latest "old fashioned race car" - the Atom 500. They've managed to stuff a 500 HP dual hayabusa V8 between the rear wheels, offering double the power of the previous model.

Ariel Motors have included just enough stuff to make it street legal, although you'll probably resemble Darth Vader with your full-face helmet providing much needed protection from the elements, road debris and the occasional slow moving rocket ship. The original Atom was priced around €35,000, expect to pay substantially more for this little bullet. Still, it will no doubt remain one of the least expensive supercars on the road.

Honestly, I'd be terrified to strap myself into this thing since it's little brother was capable of zero to 60 mph in a tad under three seconds. I can only imagine the damage this new beast will inflict on Jeremy's ugly mug.

Ariel Atom 500 To Get V8 Power [thanks, Professor Rempel]
Video: Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson plays with the original Atom

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