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Cool Rockets: Your Very Own Classic Space Ship

Space Bucket

We featured Cool Rockets on an RT-TV segment a few months ago, but they're, uh, cool enough to deserve a repeat mention. Bohus and I both harbor a secret desire to get our hands on a collection of designer Jeff Brewer's large scale 5 foot custom models for Retro Thing's secret underground lair. However, until we actually get around to refurbishing an old Titan missile complex, I'll make do with one of Brewer's smaller Fleet Edition ships.

Cool Rockets Each Cool Rocket is a resin-cast, hand-finished rocket ship inspired by 1940s and 1950s comic book art. They're reasonably priced - most well under $100 - enabling you to acquire a small fleet for your rocketport (uh, desk). They're all original designs, so there's no danger of mistaking these puppies as Jetsons or Perry Rhodan castoffs.

My favorite is the Jetsonesque 9-inch long Space Bucket, "Everyone’s favorite spaceship runabout! An economical family style vehicle, the Bucket is equally at home visiting the next galaxy or just schlubbing junior out to the mall. Cast in polyresin, hand-painted and aged, on a cool moon base. It is shipped in a sturdy color labeled gift box with a protective plastic inner structure." That said, I'm sure my five-year-old would love the battery-powered Big Boy Fleet Edition lamp... if he could pry it out of my hands.

Visit the Cool Rockets site for a quick spin around the galaxy [inspired by OhGizmo!]


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