Gakken's New Super 8 Projector Kit

Gakken S8 projector
Japanese edukit maker Gakken has just unveiled a clever new Super 8 / Single-8 movie projector kit. It's hand cranked and battery powered with a white LED light source. I can't wait to see what people do with these things - it looks perfect for art installations and crazy steampunk modding.

Gakken Super 8 kit The Gakken Super 8 projector will be released on April 24, 2008 as part of their Otona No Kagaku 'Advanced Science Kits for Adults' series, priced at about 8000 Yen ($80).

It's exciting to see a new Super 8 projector being made, even if it is a low-end experimenter's model. I wonder if Gakken has plans to release a supremely low-tech hand-crank Super 8 camera, too? I'd buy one in a flash. Gakken doesn't sell internationally, so you'll have to resort to third party sellers or eBay to get your hands on one of these clever little optical toys. [via filmshooting]

Visit the official Otona No Kagaku site
[Incomprehensible Google translation from Japanese]

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I'm having all my homevideos transfered to 8mm even as I type so I am looking forward to this!!!!!!!!!!


You may be able to buy the projector through Hobbylink Japan, which carries some of the Gakken line:

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