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Cosmic MultiGame Arcade Console: The world's most expensive piggy bank?

Cosmic MultiGame
Weirdly enough, every multigame arcade cabinet we've ever featured has originated in the USA. That's why we're ecstatic to introduce the Cosmic MultiGame from the UK. This £1,495 console includes 48 classic games from the 1980s.

The styling is reminiscent of an old Pac-Man console. Mercifully, they resisted the urge to toss in a couple of trackballs, sixty buttons and a multi-stick control surface. The sparse controls are cleverly arranged to accommodate left-handed players, although every leftie arcade fan I know handles a standard right-handed layout without a second thought.

Scramble To add to the air of authenticity, the box is built around a vertically mounted 20" monitor. It features a backlit marquee that should be easy to customize, and a coin mechanism is included if you wish to charge friends and family members who linger around too long in the evening. Just remember that they're likely to get even with you by leaving cigarette burn marks and spilling drinks on the carpet after trying to balance their cups on the sloping polished bezel.

Personally, I'd try to sell this to my significant other as the world's flashiest piggy bank. With a few hours of earnest head-to-head arcade action every night, I figure we'd have this thing paid off in about three years. Every penny that falls into the coin slot from that moment on is pure profit, baby!

Cosmic MultiGame Upright Arcade Machine [thanks, Ian!]


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