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DIY: Apple iAmp

Apple iAmp

Jeff Kobi rescued an old Apple 5.25" floppy drive from a thrift store. His aim was to repurpose it as a retrostalgic project case. He eventually struck upon the clever and practical idea of using it to house his budget-priced Sonic Impact T-Amp "audiophile" digital amplifier.

The T-Amp is a $29 digital amp that generated quite a bit of excitement around the web because of its clean sound and daftly low price. It's based on a Tripath TA2024B digital audio chip, making it compact and efficient - perfect for cramming into a claustrophobic floppy drive case.

Tampinnards Jeff replaced a few of the amp's components to tweak its sound, and prototyped everything in a cheapo Tupperware container. Once he was sure everything worked, he removed the electronics board from the drive and added a 12V power supply and managed to attach the tiny T-Amp board on the bottom of the metal enclosure.

The floppy disk latch was repurposed as the power switch and the front LED glows when the amp is powered up. An ALPS volume knob was added to the front panel, along with binding posts to connect speakers on the back panel. The final result is a brilliantly useful case mod. Four stars!

Apple Floppy Amp [via Gizmodo]

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