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Guitar Hero Now Shredding On Commodore 64


There's a Chicago area Commodore 64 get-together that I go to every year.  I didn't have a C64 back in the day, but I was around them enough to know how amazing those machines were - and still are!  Every year folks at the show pull off some stunt with the C64 to prove that it can do anything.  I've seen the C64 burn a CD, spool video clips off of a hard drive, even control a robotic cat... so clearly the 1980's powerhouse C64 can keep up with the times.

I guess that I shouldn't have been surprised that someone figured out how to not only create a credible Psx_interfaceGuitar Hero copy (a free download called Shredz64) on the Commodore, but also use the popular guitar-shaped controller too!  The C64's SID audio chip is famously popular among chiptune enthusiasts, and now you can actually play along to your favorite 8-bit SID songs.

At the heart of the project is the PSX64, a new interface developed by Toni Westbrook.  This will take any Playstation controller and make it compatible with 9 pin joyport systems like Amiga, Atari 2600, and Sega Master System.  Now homebrew authors for those systems can have access to the wide variety of Playstions controllers, in addition to guitars and dance pads.

Below are links to two demo videos posted just a few days ago so you can see the whole system in action.  The PSX adapters are entering the final production stages so that anyone can order one.  Good thing that I did all that practicing during Retro Thing Guitar Week a while back!

You Tube demo of Shredz64 part 1 (the facts and figures)

You Tube demo of Shredz64 part 2 (cut right to the total guitar SID shred!)

Learn more about the project


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