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25 Years of Casio G-Shock Watches

Casio G-Shock
Casio is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their G-Shock line with a limited edition gray skeleton watch. The G-Shock was designed in 1983 as the world's toughest watch, designed to withstand a drop from a three story building - hopefully not while attached to your flailing wrist.

The limited edition 25th Anniversary G-Shock Skeleton retails for a stunning $130 (you can find a basic model in stores for under $50). It's water resistant to 200M -- a depth that would crush you in an instant, ensuring that you never put their claim to the test -- and includes a multi-function alarm, EL backlight, stopwatch and all the other things one has come to expect from a typical digital watch.

For true vintage digital timepiece fans, Casio also offers a Casual Classic line of watches hearkening back to the angular days of the early 1980s. Most are pretty basic -- simple retro silver or black, without fancy Sport doodads or complicated extras. You get the time, a calendar, maybe an alarm, and a little light for reading the display in dark caves or cupboards. Prices start at an almost silly $13.95.

Casio Celebrates 25  Years of G-Shock


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