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Amazing Eric Schwartz Amiga Animations Online


If you had an Amiga, you know the work of Eric Schwartz.  If you didn’t, it’s still easy to admire the work of this early and prolific user of the Amiga’s animation abilities.  Sneezing_fish_miniSchwartz’s work was mostly 2D character animation, with strong ties to classic animators (he even did a series of Flip the Frog cartoons continuing in the spirit of animation pioneer Ub Iwerks).  These cartoons were also a strong testimony to the sheer power of the Amiga in the hands of a skilled artist.

Plane_mini The cartoons thrived in the wilderness of the pre-internet 90's, so Schwartz’s work was distributed worldwide via old school means; shareware floppy disks and BBS’s.  The animations were ambitious affairs with sync sound, occasional use of 3D spot animation, with later cartoons being designed to take advantage of more advanced Amiga computers.  Characters include a menagerie of animated animals, classic video game personalities, and... um... fighter jets.

The good news is that you don’t have to dig your Clarisse_miniAmiga out of the closest to watch these animations.  Linked below is a site that features crisp conversions of the animation files that you can watch online.  Don’t run and get the kiddies just yet. There are some curvaceous characters that are a bit spicy - in a Jessica Rabbit sort of way.  Think of it as a continuation of the long tradition of pixellated pulchritude.

Link to a site with dozens of online Schwartz cartoons
A parody of a famous Amiga demo
Here’s one featuring the Amiga itself


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Some of my own Amiga work


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