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Famous Chicago Area "Spindle" Sculpture For Sale


I grew up in a suburb of Chicago called Berwyn. Originally notable for its Czech (hi mom!) population, it's continued to enjoy a certain local notoriety for a number of other off kilter achievements.  It's home to The World's Largest Laundromat, is the constant butt of jokes by local TV personality Svengoolie... but the most famous Berwyn resident has got to be the large sculpture called "The Spindle".

The sculpture is a multi-story high spike with eight cars skewered on it. It's been featured in countless publications, local TV shows, and in the movie Wayne's World during their performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" (and in the accompanying music video). Since The Spindle (sometimes affectionately referred to as "car-kabob") was built in 1989, it's been seen by literally millions of people, and has become a famous local landmark of Chicagoland.

UndersidesTrouble started brewing when one of the mall stores announced plans to relocate to the exact spot of The Spindle. Initially the sculpture was going to be destroyed, but after much public protest there was some talk of relocating and restoring the piece at significant expense. There have been no real answers either way for months.

The issue started heated discussions of whether the sculpture is truly art that's worth preserving, or whether it's an eyesore that makes Berwyn the continued subject of local ridicule. I got a bit involved when I met an area  public official who had spoken out against the sculpture, and I mentioned that just the week prior The Spindle was visited by Angelina Jolie and a movie crew (shooting this summer's "Wanted"). I asked whether she thought that the international superstar was attracted to the town by this unusual piece of Americana, or due to Berwyn's... uh... other cinematic qualities.

It's months since I've heard anything about the issue, until this morning on the radio I heard an announcement that the sculpture is now for sale on Ebay. This may be the best solution to preserving the statue - to put the onus on some local aficionado of the work. Though I'd hate to see the statue disappear to a private collection. Part of what I think makes The Spindle so special is its very public location. What a great statement about consumerism - and it's at a mall!

[The Spindle appears at 5 min 30 sec]

Here's hoping that one of our dear well-heeled readers might buy this piece of genuine Americana, and keep our freak flag flying in Berwyn, Illinois. If not, I hope that you've got a big backyard - or at least a really tall garage.


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