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FC Mobile Plays Classic NES Carts Anywhere


The FC Mobile is a handheld clone of the Nintendo Entertainment System, brought to you by the same gang who created the FC Twin Console (extensively reviewed by Bohus early last year). The FC Mobile runs on three AA batteries and features a 2.4-inch color LCD. It includes AV cables to plug into your TV, although that kinda does away with the main benefit of owning a portable NES.

I suspect (but haven't confirmed) that it use a similar chip to its predecessors, which should offer reasonable but not identical game play. Bohus reported that FC Twin colors were slightly different than the originals and that the sound wasn't 100% perfect, although the game play seemed bang-on in the titles he tried.

Technabob reports that these have been popping up on eBay for around $40 or $50, and they definitely look awesomely old school with the massive NES cart sticking out of the back. I wish the styling was a little more angular (and the controller layout a bit more faithful to the original), but this still looks fun. However, the main problem is that most people don't have a stack of NES titles lying around, but garage sale season is just around the corner and NES games can often be found at thrift stores for a mere buck or two. I'd pick one up for myself, but the shipping costs to Canada are extortionate.

FC Mobile NES Clone [via Technabob]


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