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Hysterical Rap Video Warns Viewers "Don't Copy That Floppy"

Why is it that educational videos aimed at "the youth" Kidsare always so earnest and wrongheaded?  It's not just cheesy 16mm classroom movies from 50 years ago, it seems like darned near any cautionary multimedia tale aimed at kids is destined to be cloying and ineffectual.  The above video "Don't Copy That Floppy" is only from 1992, but judging by its cluelessness it may as well be a scratchy black and white film about how to behave at a weenie roast.

This video is simultaneously fascinating and interminable.  Rap_guy_columnWe start off with a loooong rap explaining how software piracy is shattering the computer industry.  The video slows down with interviews from industry experts mewling about the harm done by casual copying.  We bookend with even more rap that I don't remember anyone asking for, end credits roll.  It's now ten minutes later, and you're so mad you're looking for your classroom's copy of Oregon Trail so that the piracy can really begin.

Of course software piracy is illegal, and it does have real ramifications on the whole computer industry. Pirating your favorite game can make a publisher decide the title isn't profitable and Attorneystop development on future sequels.  That's all true, but I really doubt that this propaganda film got that message out there.  The tone of this video is so whiny and hopeless, it's as if the software industry is holding a gun to their own heads begging kids not to force them to pull the trigger.  Remind you of any other desperate monopolistic industries you could name?

Logo If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure that I can get all the guys in the filesharing torrent chat rooms to promise never to copy any floppies again - especially if we make them watch this video.

Check out "Don't Copy That Floppy" on YouTube


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