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New Video Gaming Auction Site


Ebay has been alienating a lot of people lately. Sellers are unhappy about recent fee increases and changes in the feedback system.  Buyers, especially video game buyers, haven't benefited from Ebay's simplified categories. Where auctions used to be sorted by classic systems, today everything is lumped under a generic "vintage games" banner.

Chase The Chuck Wagon is a new auction site dedicated to video gaming, especially retro games. Their site is built on sellers fees that are "laughably less" than Ebay, the site owners are video game fanatics, and there are lots of tidy categories so you can easily find what you're looking for. There's even a weekly podcast that promotes rare and big-ticket items.

It seems like a good idea to me. Ebay has become so huge that it's hard to get attention for your auctions, let alone get help from Ebay's tech support  when you need it. Chase_chuckwagon_cartPaging through this new site I found lots of interesting auctions finishing at prices I wouldn't mind paying. There were also plenty of rarities to keep even a serious collector bidding too.  The funny thing was that I couldn't find a copy of the infamous and rare "Chase the Chuckwagon" Atari game that the site is named after. It's a really lousy game, so no harm done.

Main site
Check out the weekly podcast

Rent classic games from home
Another infamous crazy rare Atari game
Atari Video Music - no home should be without one


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