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Pingus: Lemmings Goes Open Source


Pingus is a modern open source version of Lemmings, a brilliant graphic puzzle game first released for the Amiga in 1991. The goal is to save a gaggle of dimwitted little creatures that drop out of a trapdoor in the sky by guiding them to an exit. To complicate matters, the little critters have the awkward habit of cheerfully walking off cliffs whenever given a chance. The original game was ported to numerous platforms and sold millions of copies before disappearing into the mists of time [Update from fluffy in the comments: Lemmings was resurrected for the Sony PSP and is available as a PS3 download for $5.99].

Lemmings Project leader Ingo Ruhnke started developing Pingus in 1998, and the modern variant is strikingly similar to Lemmings, except that it stars a multi-talented cast of suicidal penguins. There are 22 tested levels on the first island of the Pingus' quest with more than 100 others available. The game runs in over a dozen languages and even comes with a full level editor, allowing you to create your own custom version.

Pingus is currently available free for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


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