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Print Your Own Pinhole Camera

Corbis pinhole
Pinhole cameras use a tiny hole instead of a lens to cast an often unpredictable image onto film. They're relatively simple to build, which makes them ideal DIY projects. To help you out, stock photo agency Corbis has commissioned a series of fanciful pinhole camera designs. Each camera comes as a pdf download that includes instructions to turn a simple sheet of paper into a real camera.

You'll need a sacrificial cereal box to create a structurally sound lightproof film compartment (any lightweight cardboard will do in a pinch). The pinhole aperture is simply a half inch square of tinfoil or soda can with a tiny hole punched with a sewing needle. Apart from that, the only fiddly thing is threading the end of the 35mm film into an empty film cannister to provide lightproof storage for your exposed film.

Three models are available right now, with several more coming soon.

Corbis Readymech Cameras [via Crave]


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