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The Return Of Schlitz Beer


Put aside your feelings about the unflattering-sounding name and the working class image, Schlitz is back on shelves.  They've gone back to their original 1960's formula.  Schlitz has come and gone over the years, but they've never been able to recapture their spot as America's #2 beer since Nixon was in office.

Gusto Schlitz has a long, rich history in the world of domestic U.S. beers.  There are still several buildings here in Chicago with the logo permanently set into their brickwork.  Schlitz was among the first to go national with their product, first to go with brown glass bottles to keep out unwanted sunlight, and the only beer I know of that claimed health benefits after fortifying it with vitamin D.

It's good to see that this isn't yet another galling rebranding stunt.  The brewers of Schlitz are going back to the 1960's formula that "made Milwaukee famous", aiming squarely at baby boomers' dry throats that miss the popular taste.  For many of them, it may have been the first beer that they swiped out of the basement fridge while dad was busy upstairs watching the Super Bowl - but I wouldn't know anything about that...

Button2It's interesting to see a return to basics in this age of micro-brews and multiple permutations of every possible beer brand.  I'll have to take this opportunity to sample a beer taste from before I was born - sort of like a trip in a sudsy time machine.  Besides, the doctor's always telling me to take more vitamins.  I'd better stop by my local tavern for a glassful of healthy Schlitz sometime soon.

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