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Tivoli Audio Model Three Analog Alarm Clock Radio

The Tivoli Audio Model Three ($299.99) is a bit of an odd duck. It features the same Henry Kloss designed AM/FM radio circuitry as the original Model One table radio, but with the addition of a quartz analog alarm clock. A battery powered clock, at that. The benefit of battery power is that you're immune to power failures (the Model 3 beeps instead of playing the radio if the power's out). The analog alarm dial is also a breeze to set; rotate the clock bezel counterclockwise until the desired wakeup time is shown and press a button to activate the alarm (with an accompanying LED indicator light). There's a 5 minute snooze feature and a 20 minute "sleep" function if you're the type who likes to nod off to the sound of music.

So far, so good, but there were a couple of not-so-clever design decisions that went into the Model Three. First and foremost, there's no excuse for including a battery-powered clock at this price. If you forget to replace the AA battery on a regular basis, the day will come when the clock decides to conk out in the middle of the night -- with dire consequences. There's no earthly reason to require a separate battery for the clock mechanism except that it's a few cents cheaper than powering the clock directly from the main circuit board, especially when this unit commands a $180 premium over the standard Model One.

A second complaint is that it's impossible to read the tiny text around the controls in subdued lighting. This is a device intended for use in bedrooms, which are not typically known for blinding white lights unless you're in the adult film business.

The third strike against the Model Three is a fairly minor quibble: the unit is monaural unless you add an external speaker. It still sounds great, but I expect stereo at this price. You can purchase a second speaker for $74.99 or buy your partner a second speaker/alarm module for an extra $179. That's a phenomenal amount for a $5 battery powered quartz clock mechanism,  even if it comes packaged in a nice wooden case.

All in all, you're far better off purchasing the $119.99 Model One and a traditional LED clock/radio instead. You'll still get to enjoy genuine Tivoli Audio sound, but without the expensive and poorly thought out alarm clock. It's a pity, because an integrated analog clock dial really appeals to me.

Tivoli Audio Model Three Clock Radio


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