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Tortuga 5 Panoramic Pinhole Camera

Tortuga 5 pinhole camera

The Tortuga 5 is a stunning limited edition pinhole camera, handmade in Luxembourg. Its polygonal case incorporates five pinholes that can capture five overlapping images simultaneously (with 242 degree coverage) or in sequence. The camera accepts standard 120 format film which can be loaded without requiring a darkroom or changing bag, and includes a standard tripod mount which enables you to position and level it to capture the best images.

As with all pinhole cameras, you'll need long exposures to capture good images (2 seconds with 400 ASA film in sunlight, significantly longer indoors under subdued light). Oh, and don't expect to snap too many photos with this device - each roll of 120 film holds only two panoramic exposures.

Tortuga picture

In keeping with it's old European charm, the Tortuga 5 is crafted from solid European plumwood with brass fittings and has been manufactured in a limited production run of only 30 units. The price -- including worldwide shipping -- is €1,230 ($1,925), putting it beyond reach of all but the most dedicated pinhole fanatic. That said, one has to admire the craftsmanship which has been poured into this beautiful device - from the brass exposure calculator built into the case to the clever cable release mechanism and the hand finished woodwork. This was once the way all cameras were made, after all.

Explore the official Tortuga site for details


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