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Breakfast With Nintendo: It's Not A Cereal, It's A System.

In the late 80's, Nintendo could do no wrong.  They revitalized the flagging video game industry and brought incredible new games to the home - for years Nintendo was pretty much the only game in town.  Like so many other successful companies, they were quick to plaster their name over all manner of merch, so is it any surprise that there was a Nintendo breakfast cereal?

AdvertForgive me, I said "cereal" when I meant to say "system."  Both the packaging and the original television commercial make a point to refer to those jagged crunchy bits as part of a system.  The cereal's novel presentation split the front of the box down the middle, offering up Zelda and Mario flavors.  Inside are two separate bags with the two different cereals.  The "player", I mean "breakfast warrior", can mix and match these flavors while foraging for whatever prizes may lurk inside.

I never experienced this particular breakfast system (though I can remember there was also a Nerds candy branded cereal that used this same dual flavor setup), but I imagine that it tasted about the same as any other cereal.  Obviously it was a rather memorable thrill as boxes of the stuff trade for $100 on Ebay these days.  Normally I'd thumb my nose at such preposterous prices, but I could see paying out a lot of money to bring back Cracker Jack Cereal or Waffle-O's.

Nintendo Cereal System commercial on YouTube

Borg Nintendo Famicom
NES Paul - guitar/Nintendo hybrid
Three Dimensional Nintendo


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